BPP - BASIC Pre-Processor
BPP is a pre-processor for the BASIC language. It provides features similar to the C or C++ pre-processor, including macros and conditional compilation.
Cheesecake BASIC
Cheesecake BASIC is an exercise in compiler-writing. The result is a self-compiling QuickBasic-compatible BASIC compiler.
Pasture™ - Compiler-Generator-Generator Library
Pasture™ is a C++ library for facilitating the creation of tools such as compiler-generators, grammar manipulators, regular expression parsers etc.
First Things First - ESL
"First Things First" is a game-based tool to help adults learn English words and phrases by associating images with their printed English representation.
The Noktosoft site is a depository of old miscellaneous software toy projects.

The name Noktosoft™ comes from the Esperanto word "nokto", which means night. This is because this  software was usually coded during sleepless nights.

If you are interested in the Esperanto language, take a look here.

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